Inexpensive Wedding Idea: Destination Wedding

Sunset on the beach. The bright lights of hotels and casinos. The warming glow of a fire on a cold snowy night. Just three of the many places couples choose to have their weddings every year. Destination weddings do not have to be an expensive affair as long as you employ a few inexpensive wedding ideas. Let’s discuss a few now in brief.

The first and foremost way to keep costs down would be choosing a destination wedding that is simple, time honored, and convenient. The courthouse! It may be lacking the bells and whistles of a huge to do wedding, but it does work for smaller parties and let’s face it, open up the rest of the budget for the reception, and honeymoon.

If you are the girl that always dreamed of a big wedding there are still ways to utilize inexpensive wedding ideas for your destination wedding. In a word….location, location, location. There are a few ways that this can work for you; the first is in choosing something local. You don’t need to go clear across the country to get married, why not choose a local venue where you and your beloved fell in love. Perhaps the place you went on your first date or a special park you loved to stroll through hand in hand. Not only do they offer beautiful surroundings, but memories that were already made there are deepened.

Not looking to stay in your area? Oh there is a way to use this to your advantage too. Inexpensive wedding ideas for your destination wedding number three…consider a location that will support all your needs. For example, say you were to be married in a tourist destination; bright lights, big city, the works. By flying the wedding party into the location, you incur the cost of airfare, however, the entertainment, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the reception, even the honeymoon are all taken care of because of the location you chose. You don’t need to come of with entertainment; the city provides that for you with the local attractions. You don’t need a fancy full out reception, the entire city serves as a reception area; you merely need to choose the destination. Even the marriage ceremony itself is generally able to be secured with less planning on your part when a package is opted for from the local hotel or wedding chapel.