Professional Wedding Photographers – How Do I Choose One?

Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life, at the end of the day what you are left with are the photographs.

Photography should be a major item in you budget. Remember the saying, “you get what you pay for?” This has never been truer with wedding photographers.

What are your options?

I’ll get a friend to do it, this is usually free and will cost you a dinner and a few beers.
An amateur photographer will usually cost nothing or $300.
I’ll use a part time photographer, they generally cost $500 to $1000.
I’ll use a full time professional photographer, they generally cost $2000 to $9000.
Using a Friend

I personally cringe when I hear this. What happens if your friend in their inexperience stuffs it up? Will you still be friends? Shouldn’t your friend be having fun with the rest of your guests? Are you are willing to risk all this to maybe get mediocre snaps?

Using a part time or amateur photographer

A part time photographer is someone who works full time Monday to Friday at another job, they may be a call centre consultant or an accountant. Part time photographers don’t have formal qualifications. They are generally just starting out in the industry or just want some extra money. They don’t photographer a wedding every week, they may photographer a wedding every couple of months. Results tend to vary from OK to oops. The images tend to lack attention to detail in subject, lighting and composition. They may take a really good shot here and there, more due to luck than good skills.

Why you should use a professional photographer?

Professional full time brisbane wedding photographer live and breathe photography everyday of the week. A professional has formal qualifications in photography, it’s just like hiring a tradesman. They photograph weddings every week, some times Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Through the week they process, enhance and art up their photographs.A Professional photographer is very consistent when taking photographs at a wedding, there is no luck involved. As professionals are always photographing weddings, they become well versed in making sure everything goes to plan and know which shots to take and look for. We can tell you if your timing will work for anytime of the year, remember that the sun position and length of days greatly vary throughout the year. A professional will make an appointment with you for a consultation, to find out what your plans and expectations are for your wedding day.

This is one of the most important parts of the whole process, your photographer is also a consultant. They have seen many weddings and are able to give advice from their experience. It could be about whether a reception venue is any good or which wedding formats work best or tweaking timings so everything fits and you make the most out of you photography investment. Professionals have networks and contacts, make-up, hair, flowers, limousines, celebrants, it is a small world and they all know each other. They all have a list of preferred suppliers that we know do great work are reliable and experienced.