Beach Wedding Ideas: Tips on How to Organize a Memorable Ceremony and Reception

If you love the sea, the friendly sunrays and the warm sand, and you have always dreamed about organizing a fun wedding ceremony, a spectacular beachside wedding might just be the perfect option for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Read below to discover some of the most ingenious beach wedding ideas, as well as a few useful tips showing you how to organize a memorable event.

1)Design unique parasols for all of your guests

Undoubtedly, beach weddings are fun, exciting and 100% entertaining. If you want to organize an over-the-top event, make sure you incorporate at least a few original details, like, for instance, customized parasols for the bride, bridesmaids and guests. Parasols serve a practical purpose, representing a highly effective barrier against heatstroke and sunburns, but they can also become an important element in your beach wedding décor. Choose an ingenious design for your personalized parasols and a shade matching your color theme and impress all of your guests with your unique sense of style.

2)Create a simple, yet incredibly sophisticated wedding altar

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a fortune on extravagant beach wedding altars. On the contrary, in this context, opulent décor is seldom considered a “must-have.” Instead, try to manufacture your own beach wedding altar, using accessible, natural-looking materials, like, for instance, sticks and silk ribbons. A baldachin-like beach wedding altar is the ideal option for couples seeking timelessly elegant decorative elements appropriate for a less formal type of summer wedding.

3)Sky lanterns and bonfires are the perfect details for spectacular beach weddings

If you love romantic beach wedding ceremonies and receptions, and you want to celebrate your union while making the most of impressive details, purchase sky lanterns and launch them in the sky at night. They look beautiful and they will definitely wow all your guests, so as long as you can count on a generous budget. Don’t hesitate to invest in personalized wish lanterns, with your names written on them (you can also add a meaningful, inspiring message or a fragment from your wedding vows). If you’d rather go in favor of something less expensive and flashy, gather all of your guests around a bonfire. Bonfires are always a constant source of entertainment for all types of guests. All you need to do is to grab a few beach chairs and a sufficient amount of firewood to keep the party going all night long.